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first entry! woot woot!

cute but psycho
you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. You
adorable, but a little out there. It's alright,
you might not have it all, but there are worse

which happy bunny are you?
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so, this is my first post.. woot woot. i probly will end up not updating this all that often, but i will try to as much as i can, whenever i can. anyways, i'm a psychotic bunny. i don't know if these things are really accurate, but am i really that psychotic? come on...GINNY is psychotic!

today was pretty boring like most days. i got a 99 on my physics... not physics, chemistry test which is awesome!! *spins new years noise makers* i did have an algebra 2 quiz, yes algebra 2 ADVANCED!, and i'm so effing scared i did bad on. it would really kill my average because i've gotten a 74, 74, 89, and a 93 so far. one of the 74's is a test for your information...yes i am very consistently inconsistent and i wish my 93 was the test! but who really cares, other than my absolute psycho mom. it's just a grade. later, i had piano with ms. hASSell. she tries to be encouraging yet she's like, well it's all off rhythm. don't you hate when people try to be encouraging, but it just comes out wrong? i'd rather them just say it definitely needs work, but i understand that you didn't have a lot of time to practice last week. i'm playing sonata in g major by beethoven and castanets by catherine rollin in case you're wondering. i will have been playing for 3 years this coming october.

anyways.. i think that's about it except for the 100 grand episode of trading spaces. yes, i have to admit that i like that show (sigh). i just saw a commercial for it, and i can't wait. i've always wondered though if the people who own the houses have to pay the $1000 for them to come and play trading spaces at their house. i did hear though that if the designers go over budget that they have to pay the difference with their OWN money!! if i was a designer, i would be sure to not go over budget.. sheesh.

that's it. i'm out plus wheel of fortune is on... it was my grandmother's favorite show. she died august 30 so today is the one month anniversary. you don't know how much i miss her. she was always there for me. everyday after school, she would be first in the carpool line. she would get there and to all my school events like christmas pageants so much earlier than everyone else just to make sure that she had a good seat or that i wouldn't have to wait for her in the carpool line. she sat at home with me after school since i can remember. she was my greatest piano fan and i wish she was still here to hear me. it's been so hard to get over it but i've just had to realize that i have to move on. she was by far, though, the best person i've ever known.
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