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(wipes up drool from chin).. good morning. i just got back from church after waking up at 9:20 which is way too early for a weekend morning. last night was anna's and sarah's birthday partay which was tres nice. it was at sherwood in greensboro, of course. why don't we ever do anything in BIG OL BTOWN?? the party was kinda taken by freshman which was strange. they started jumping around trying to touch the ceiling tiles with their heads. but anyways, i got to see anne marie and kelly who i hadn't seen in a long time. actually, since last valentine's day, so that was exciting. so, anyways, i drove home with wavy davy and got home sometime around 12ish which explains my blah morning.

yester-friday was brittany's surprise big 15 birthday party. it was quite controversial. it started out obviously with a surprise. katy had taken brittany out til around 6:30 'o clock and then she walked into the bonus room and we popped out and surprised her. what else would you do at a surprise party? then we sat around for a little bit while everyone tried to pry paula's eyes from the tv screen. she was enveloped in blue streak for about an hour and a half of the party. then it was someone's absolutely BRILLIANT idea to go snipe hunting. if you don't know what snipe hunting is, do not read past this line. words cannot describe snipe hunting if you have never experienced it before. anyways, brittany, julie, anna, shana, lindsey and paula were taken to the top of this hill in the woods by ali, caroline, mara, patrick, katy, and me. ali gave the "hunters" the pillowcase to catch the squirrel-like bird-egg eating mammal of course. while they had their eye's peeled for the creature, we (ali, caroline, mara, patrick, katy, and me) bounced. we ran through the woods, through creeks, and over some mulch like mush that completely ATE my rainbow sandal. lindsey and paula were screaming for someone to help as we ran away screaming at the top of our lungs. later, i heard that brittany was declaring ali's damnation if she didn't get her ass over there and help her over the creek. keep in mind that it IS brittany's party and she didn't even want to cross the river the first time when we were heading to the hill. soonly, the scramblers got back to ali's house and washed off our feet and shoes. sometime later, i would guess around 20 - 30 minutes later, lindsey and paula pranced up to the house. and then about 10 - 20 more minutes later, after ali had gone back into the woods to rescue them, the rest of the crew stormed up, not that i blame them for storming. there was some kicking, punching, sreaming, and yes, even some pinching and soon, half of us were in the bonus room watching american pie while the other half was in ali's room playing the silent game.. you know that one right? great party game huh? anyways, to draw this story to a close, anna and some of her friends left early because i think the silent game had completely drained them. brittany, one of the silent gamers, came into the bonus room and was actually very forgiving. she said that she understood that it was a joke but that they were out on the top of a hill about a quarter of a mile away stranded face to face with a deer. that made her shake in her boots just a tid and i think that's when she thought it was too harsh of a joke. but, brittany spent the night with ali and caroline and they said they stayed up talking all night. so, as far as i know, it's all cool, but i don't think we will be playing snipe hunting again... EVER!
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