the study of will

'wil ahl a gee'

will s
16 September
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16/m/nc... haha! so, anyways, i'm will and i'm 16 and i'm male and i'm from north carolina.. uh, yeah. well, i go to greensboro day (gds) yet live in boreington, aka burlington, which is 30 minutes away from the school. umm.. i dunno what to write!! i have a dog named bojo, short for bojangles, and he's a yorkshire terrier. HE is 8 years.. no 9 years old. i think 9. his birthday is JULY FOURTH which is really cool!!! oh yeah, my birthday is september 16. hmm. i run track at school and play piano with ms. hASSell, which i have done for almost 3 years. other than filling up my live journal with entries, i like to talk online, play with my dog, ride my bike, umm, play games, and write how long i "practiced piano". she prefers at least 30 minutes so what do i write? 30-35 minutes of course, but, yes it's all a lie. kinda like this whole mini-biography..